Sell Your Coin

Gold is one of the most liquid assets that can easily be converted into currency. However, the decision to sell your coin is dependent on obtaining a reliable price that is as close to the prevailing gold price. Often distributors and retailers would be able to offer this flexibility, but would have varying prices that may not be transparent and the buy-back is not guaranteed.

Argor-Hereaus, the DMCC’s appointed mint and producer of the UAE Gold Bullion Coins, guarantees to buy back your UAE Gold Bullion Coin(s) at a fixed transparent price formula based on the daily prevailing gold price, that is applied consistently for all customers.

You can sell your coin(s) and redeem your valued investment with Argor-Hereaus’ official guaranteed buy-back channel by contacting their local agent within the UAE:

House of Commodities FZCO
Mr. Ovais Ismail Mandvia
M: +971 50 6509280
T: +971 4 3408351

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